George Zimmeran, a brave hero, deserves a medal

The news media has concealed Trayvon Martin’s criminal past, and George Zimmerman’s courage.   George helped protect his neighborhood from black thugs, saving lives.  George save a family of four, from a car wreck on the freeway.  Trayvon Martin was on suspension for attacking his teacher.  Trayvon had a website promoting fighting and drugs.  Trayvon’s dad, Tracy, was a lifelong member of the Crips gang.  The news media used 5 year old pictures of Trayvon to make him look like a child.  Trayvon played football, did mixed martial arts, and assaulted people.   Stand your ground had nothing to do with the case, but we do need stand your ground.  We need more laws expanding the right of self defense, so we can shoot to kill robbers, burglars, rapists as well as people like Trayvon who threatened to kill George.   George did us all a service, acting as a volunteer for the neighborhood.    We should all feel a sense of shame that George was ever arrested, and that we did not support him more.   The news media falsely edited the 911 tape to make it appear George was racist.  Everyone who knew George knows he is not racist, yet the Obama administration spent a million dollars of taxpayer money to get protesters organized, to indict George for hate crimes.    Obama, Holder, Jackson, and Sharpton are race baiting pimps, who have no concern for justice.  What Obama did is disgusting.


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